12c OCM online course (10 days / 20 hours) – with pass guarantee!

Now OCM12c Exam will be delivered ONLINE!

Prepare for the OCM exam - ONLINE! (LAST batch)

Hello everybody! I have a great news for you! After clearing my second OCM exam, I decided to provide an online course and help you to prepare and pass the exam from the first attempt.
In this course I will provide you with the step by step installation and configuration guides and pre-built Virtual Machines to help you test all exam scenarios practically. Moreover, I will go through the entire topics of the exam and will explain every subject in more detail and show practical scenarios and assign different tasks for you.
The overall course duration is 2 weeks (10 days) / 20 hours! We are going to have limited seats for every class, and the new class will start on February 8!
If you want to pass the exam from the first attempt and become a member of elite group of Oracle Masters and boost up your career, I’m here for you! Being 2xOCM and author of “OCM 11g exam Study Guide” book, I’m ready to help you in person.
Once you register for this course, you will get the following benefits: 
  • You will be added to the dedicated WhatsApp group for this course and will be able to ask questions to the instructor as well as other participants. 
  • You will be provided with the link of built-in single node, 2 node cluster and cloud control installed Virtual Machines
  • You will have one-by-one direct 2 hours special online meeting with me few days before the exam for the final recap.
  • You will get Oracle 12c OCM Exam Study Guide book shipped to you for FREE once it’s published 
  • You will get help to register for the exam. 
  • You will have a secret gift which will boost your preparation daramatically 
If you have any questions related with the exam and the course itself, please use the chat that appears in the bottom of the web page to contact me directly.
Good Luck

OCM course topics and tasks - download now!

Click here to download entire syllabus 
Click here to download list of all OCM practices that will be covered during the course 
Step by step Instruction Guides

In this course you will find step by step instruction guides on how to install and configure an Oracle Software, how to install and administer Grid Infrastructure, how to configure ASM disks and diskgroups and create and manager RAC database and cluster resources


Pre-Built Virtual Machine images

For each section, there is a pre-built virtual environment (Virtual machines) to make the preparation and hands-on practices easier during the course. All tasks are tested on the virtual machines that are available for the download for the students.


Individual approach for each student

Progress of every student is closely monitored and carefully tracked throughout the course. Students will be able to contact the teacher after completing the course and get full support regarding any OCM related task or topic until he or she succeeds the exam


Exam Topic that are covered in the course

  • General Database and Network Administration

    • Create and manage pluggable databases
      Administer users, roles, and privileges
      Configure the network environment to allow connections to multiple databases
      Administer database configuration files
      Configure shared server
      Manage network file directories

    Manage Database Availability

    • Install the EM Cloud Control agent
      Configure recovery catalog
      Configure RMAN
      Perform a full database backup
      Configure and monitor Flashback Database

    Data Warehouse Management  

    • Manage database links
      Manage a fast refreshable materialized view
      Create a plug-in tablespace by using the transportable tablespace feature
      Optimize star queries
      Configure parallel execution
      Apply a Patch
      Configure Automatic Data Optimization, In-Row Archiving, and Temporal Validity
      Manage external tables

    Data Management

    • Manage additional buffer cache
      Optimize space usage for the LOB data
      Manage an encrypted tablespace
      Manage schema data
      Manage partitioned tables
      Set up Fine-Grained Auditing
      Configure the database to retrieve all previous versions of the table rows
  • Performance Management

    • Configure the Resource Manager
      Tune SQL statements
      Use real application testing
      Manage SQL Plan baselines
      Capture performance statistics
    • Tune an instance
    • Configure and manage result cache
    • Control CPU use for Oracle Instances
    • Configure and manage “In Memory” features

    Data Guard

    • Administer a Data Guard environment
      Create a physical standby database
      Configure a standby database for testing
      Configure a standby database to apply redo
      Configure a standby database to use for reporting
      Configure fast start failover
      Manage DDL in a Data Guard environment

    Grid Infrastructure  

    • Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure
      Create ASM Disk Groups
      Create and manage ASM instances
      Configure ASM Cloud File System (ACFS)
      Administer Oracle Clusterware
      Manage Flex Clusters and Flex ASM
      Manage Flex Clusters and Flex ASM

    Real Application Cluster Database  

    • Install Oracle Database software
      Create a Real Application Clusters (RAC) database
      Configure Database Services
      Administer Oracle RAC databases on one or more cluster nodes
Step by step Instruction Guides

In this course you will find step by step instruction guides on how to install and configure an Oracle Software, how to install and administer Grid Infrastructure, how to configure ASM disks and diskgroups and create and manager RAC database and cluster resources


Pricing Plan

Register for the upcoming course (February 8) (Only 2 places left)


  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Pre-Built Virtual Machines
  • 20 hours (2 weeks) practical OCM study
  • Exam registration support
  • 12c OCM exam pass guarantee

Schedule of the course:

05:00 AM – 07:00 AM PST

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM UK Time

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM IST

“I had the great opportunity to attend this course and it helped me a lot to become an Oracle Certified Master. Kamran Agayev is an amazing Master”

Rodrigo Mufalani (OCM), Senior Database Architect at eProseed, Luxembourg

I had a great expectation of the course because I had already read the book of my friend Kamran from OCM 11G. I took courage and took the course and my expectations were exceeded by 1000%, the course very focused and extremely technical with a focus on the exam outside the support of Kamran during and after the course. I recommend the course as a study base for those who have a dream of doing OCM.

Andre Luiz Dutra Ontalba, Seniro Database Architect at Sogeti, Luxembourg

I have been preparing for OCM exam for last two years. When I came to know about OCM preparation workshop by Kamran Agayev, I immediately signed up for the very 1st workshop. In this workshop every topics are explained in depth both theoritically and practically. The best part about the workshop is that I am still getting help to overcome any confusion even after the workshop through a dedicated WhatsApp group that is only for the participants. I will highly recommend this workshop if you dream to be an OCM.

Yasir, Vice President at Computer Network Systems Limited, Bangladesh

At this training the teacher focus on very important key topics and the best way to do , the teacher is very Experienced DBA , we learn a lot at this training

Cassule Camilo, DBA/Sysadmin at EMIS, Angola

It was a wonderful experience to be a part of this course under Sir Kamran supervision. I have really learnt a lot of new things during this course. The teaching method was magnificent.

Ahmed Nadeem, Oracle DBA at Zellis, UK

I have attended Kamran’s 11g OCM & 12c OCM training. It was a good learning experience for me. OCM exam is the toughest exam but when I attended Kamran training and after completing the OCM training I feel OCM exam very easy. Because Kamran training’s qualities are Excellent. His explanation is very good. Materials like PPTs and Labs Exercise are Excellent. OCM exam is the game of Timing. I learn a lot about how I can complete the task within the Time limit. This is my personal recommendation if you are looking for an OCM exam then Kamran’s training is the world’s best training.

Riaz Ahmad Ansari, Database Consultant at HCL Technologies LTD., India

I’m very exciting to join OCM prepration course by Kamran. This course give me a lot of knowledge and experience in the way to get OCM certificate. Now i feel confident to register OCM exam in the next year. I’m happy to be a member of OCM preparation whatsapp group with helping from Kamran and friends.

Huu Anh, CTO of BNH Technology Vietnam.

If you’re elevating yourself from standard to expert level or for OCM Preparation, this training would be for you. You will receive much more relative resources than as described in this website.

It is phenomenal that, throughout the course, Kamran Aghayev delivers content technically & free flowing. Certainly, you will get a level of confidence for your OCM / managing your database.

Srini, SME – Oracle Database

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